Tracy is a master stylist and color-specialist with twenty-five-years of experince. Trained under the reputable Garcia family in Cherry Creek, Tracy has an eye for fashion and an ear for truly listening to her client's requests. When working with long-hair, she respects the length that a client wishes to keep, and prides herself on creating custom styles.

Through ongoing education in hair design, Tracy shares the wealth of her knowledge with her clients, both through the styles she creates, and the tips she generously passes along to them.

A creative-color specialist who customizes in brilliant reds to any variation of blonde, brunette, or any color in-between, including bright playful colors.

Tracy is also trained in multiple cutting techniques, including texturizing through razor cuts, creating shattered layers, or precision cuts. Tracy strives for perfection. She welcomes the most challenging color-corrections into her seat with the same confidence she likes to see on her client's face before they walk out the door.

If you are looking for high fashion consciousness coupled with a down-to-earth attitude, book with Tracy.